Secular Carmelite Meetings for 2019

Our meetings are held on the second floor of the Carmelite Monastery, just above the Chapel.  Formation is held at 4:00 pm and the general meetings at 5:00 pm.  The following list consists of meeting dates for 2019.  All meetings take place on the last Sunday of each month, except December. (See the Upcoming Events Page for further information.)

Jan. 27         Feb. 24       Mar. 31       April 28       May 26       June 30

July 28         Aug. 25      Sept. 29       Oct. 27        Nov. 24        



Bake Sales Supporting Carmelite Missions

This bake sale supported the Carmelite Missions in Rwanda/Burundi. The photo below shows the well in Rwanda that was created due to support from the Munster Fathers and Seculars, as well as from well-wishers all over the world.


Bake sale charity: Drilling for water at the well in Rwanda


Marty and John at the Men’s Conference at St. Patrick’s in Chesterton



Candidates begin the process of becoming Carmelites through the reception of the Scapular, the First Promises, and finally, the Definitive Promises. After Definitive Promises, Secular Carmelites may make Vows. Here Father Father Bill, OCDS, from the Peoria Diocese in Illinois, continues his spiritual journey with the optional step of making his Vows before Father Jacek, OCD.


Corpus Christi Altar

Every year on Corpus Christi Sunday, our Secular Carmelite Community joins other organizations in decorating an altar on the monastery grounds.


Annual Picnic

Phil and Marty do the grilling while other members relax together on a summer's day in June (see in picture gallery below).

Image 5-6-18 at 6.47 PM (1).jpg

Renewal of Profession

Father Bill, OCDS, of the Diocese of Peoria, Illinois, renews his vows in the Carmelite monastery church.


Traveling Statue

Each month, a different member takes the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel home.

Three @ HH.jpg


Holy Hill


Water in Rwanda

Father Paul, OCD, shows the water that may now be used at the Carmelite mission in Rwanda, thanks to benefactors.

Bake Sale 2 10 21 18.jpg

October bake sale


Preparing for the Christmas Gathering

John sweeps the floor


Ghanem sweeps, scrubs, and plays Santa in preparation for the Christmas Gathering.


Secular Carmelite Retreat August 22, 2019

Father Bronisław Socha, OCD, was our retreat master.



Father Paul gives Sharon a special blessing before her pilgrimage on the Camino in Spain.


Taking hygiene items to the Carmelite Home

Monthly collections for the St. Joseph Carmelite Home by Ghanem and Mary


Lunch at the Carmelite Home

Lunch with the Sisters


At the Carmelite Home

After Mass

_September 2019 Bake Sale.jpg

Sept. bake sale 2019

Bake sale for charity