Intimacy with God

Christ: You are never alone.  I am always with you, ready to share your burdens and solve your problems.  I walk with you at every step.  No human being is capable of giving you the perfect friendship which I offer you.  I know you far better than you know yourself.  Do not treat me as a stranger.  Come to Me without fear or anxiety.  Have confidence in my love and mercy.  I prefer to call you friend rather than servant.

Think: At every moment of my life, God is closer to me than anyone else could ever be.  I live in the palm of His hand, always present to Him and dependent on Him for every breath.  When I am asleep, or preoccupied with cares or pleasures, when my thoughts are far from myself, even then God is thinking of me, interested in me, and keeping me alive.  Truly, if I knew how near God is to me at every step, I would live a more peaceful and happier life.

Pray: Frequently throughout the day, I will pause to cast an interior glance at You.  You love me more than I could ever love myself.  You are my closest companion in my daily journey toward Heaven.  Amen.*

*A Reflection from My Daily Bread by Anthony J. Paone, SJ (1954), Chapter 3: "Intimacy with God," pp. 371-372