St. Teresa of Calcutta

I think Holy Mother Teresa shows to us through her writings and her poetry that a saint as she was, she still had desires, her pain of being separated from her beloved, her longing, her passion; she shows that saints struggled and were challenged, and lived such normal lives.  She shows that to be holy, one has to know God, who is everything and in everything.  They took me to the prayer of Mother's that we pray each day, but then realizing the first words -- I am yours and born for you...

That we have one purpose in our lives, to find our way back to God, to please Him, to praise Him, to love Him.  Each stanza speaks to me of the journey -- knowing who God is and knowing who we are. Thus, we become like mirrors to see ourselves, to see with our hearts to we are and who Jesus is.  True wisdom to know who we are...each stage of the spiritual life and how our relationship begins to bloom as we are made aware of our nothingness.

Then our surrender we place all that we are into God's hands.  As love turns into true love in this life, nothing matters.  Our life depends solely on God, what comes is not important, we take all from what He wills each step becoming who He wants us to be.  What we give to Him is complete abandonment of self, our crosses are not crosses, as they become stepping stones of love leading us to Him who becomes our purpose.  Then love is transformed into complete surrender to God's will, we become united and begin to live with him.