Joy in Adversity

Christ: My child, this earthly life is not a lasting home.  You were made for an unending life of perfect happiness with Me in heaven.  This earth is not a place of rest but of labor.  People often spend a good part of their lives working for some earthly goal.  Then, after a brief enjoyment of their success, they pass on into eternity.  If they are willing to sacrifice so much for a passing earthly goal, how much more willing should you be for an unending heavenly glory? 

Do not think that you have found true peace when things run smoothly in your daily life.  My peace is given to those who know how to face adversity and endure hardships.  Your model is My earthly life.  From the hour of my birth until my last breath on the cross, I patiently endured all kinds of adversity.  

You, too, would find joy in adversity if you exercised more faith, more humility, more patience, more love for Me, instead of favoring yourself so much.  If you had even a passing glimpse of the indescribable glory of Heaven, you would no longer seek what is pleasant and satisfying on earth.  You would easily admit that all earthly trials and sufferings are small in comparison with the heavenly reward.

*A Reflection from My Daily Bread by Anthony J. Paone, SJ (1954), Chapter 54: "Intimacy with God," pp. 346-347.